February 7th, 2015

Tim Burton PP - Restart Day 2


I had started this PP back on the 9th January, so have had a bit of a head start.  I have managed 19 slides so far, with quotes from my essay and photos attached.  I want this done by Sunday afternoon, lest I go mad.  Saying that, I far prefer Burton than studying Scorsese, Tarantino or Kubrick - even Spielberg would have totally done my head in.  Burton is a fascinating character, I'll give him that :-)

Huge mishap - PP developed hitch so I have to copy everything over piece meal to another PP.  Seriously annoyed as this has taken half of my day up just unravelling the mess.  Plus I have had intermittent internet problems, which really suck. We have friends due over tomorrow, but Hubby and P2 will have to do the entertaining.