January 27th, 2015

Answer for question 4212.

Do you work well in groups or do you prefer to complete projects by yourself? Why? What was your worst group project experience?
I am better at solo projects - I just work better that way. Or...doing my own project and chatting while other people do their own stuff. I am not THAT antisocial.

I haven't had bad group experience. There was a time when we had to order ourselves in a group for a class task, half of them didn't show up then rock up just as the project has been finished by me and one other stressed person.That's pretty annoying.

Burton - The Longest, Drawn-Out Project Ever!!!


I feel like I have been compiling and researching this forever - this has only been protracted because of unforseen circumstances.  I have written about 1,400 words or so with a good 800 to follow and I am about a thrid the way through the PP.  it kinda all went to the wall when Hubby was diagnosed then had his stint in the hospital.

Today, I want to discuss his artistic style first seen in The Stalk of the Celery Monster and his artwork in The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy/Stain Boy.

Well, I scratched that idea for now and rearranged a lot of stuff.  Will be looking at Sleepy Hollow and Alice in Wonderland again, also considering Sweeney Todd - but not too fond of the latter.  I wasn't entirely convinced of the chemistry between Depp and Bonham Carter to be honest.