December 7th, 2014

Domestic Bliss

Susan Copich is a mother, actress, and photographer from New York who has taken a seriously dark approach to family photographs. She titles her unique collection of pictures “Domestic Bliss,” and while many elements in her photos appear quite ‘blissful,’ the dark details she includes bring some rarely discussed humors to light.

Copich writes, “If you’ve met me, I have a very seemingly sunny disposition, but I have a whole interior world where at different times I’ve felt depression and angst. For many years, I put it in a little ball, and I decided to just explore it this time. It’s been so fun to bring those feelings out and give them light.”

Each photograph includes details of a normal, happy family, but Copich carefully inserts some twisted dark elements that challenge everyday ideologies about happy families. Check out some of her hilarious and awesome photos here!

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50 Day Meme Challenge 2014 - Day 26

26) Things you have in common with your parents?

Reading, murals/bold art statements, appreciation for classical music and geology, open-mindedness (Mum); writing, collecting knives and swords, appreciation for specifically mediaeval music and history, caustic sense of humour (Dad). Red wine = both LOL :-)

On Pause

Can't concentrate therefore not working. Hubby's exam is on Tuesday and his minor obs is on Wednesday.  Tomorrow is his last day re revising and a normal diet.  He has to drink sachets of strange stuff eat a very odd diet - one without fibre basically. Fruit, veg, wholemeal, rice, red meat, Ryvita (or any form of crispbread), jam or jelly and oats are all on the no-no list. It leaves Cornflakes/Rice Krispies, egg, white bread, white meat and see-through soup.  Basically, he can eat at McDonalds - not an altogether nice thing to do.  Can't even eat hummus.

I have a couple of social obligations tomorrow, so that's another day up the swanny. I yearn for just normal living, which is proving to be quite difficult at the moment.