December 5th, 2014

50 Day Meme Challenge 2014 - Day 24

24) Have you met anyone  through Tumblr that you'd like to meet in real life?

I have a Tumblr account but don't use it, therefore not accrued any followers.  Any other platform such as LJ/Word Press/Flickr - I would love to meet some of the lovely LJers, but we are all so scattered and therefore unlikely to meet up.  I have to be content with their warming online presence. Most of the people on Facebook are ones I know personally and see on a regular basis.

Hard Times V2 Assignment - Day 1

Discuss the treatment of social issues and ideas of the time in Dickens' novel Hard Times

I have been advised to look at John Mill, who apparently did fairly short work on Utilitarianism - well, you could have surprised me, the damn thing on Gutenburg has five chapters and runs into reems.

Link here - but do not operate machinery while reading this text.

The Victorian Web will be useful, especially when it comes to the social issues of the day. Just trying to find an introduction.  :-/

Hmm - a very disturbed day.  It doesn't help that my office is nought but a thoroughfare between the front door and the rest of the house.  Managed just over 700 words (planning stage only), but not sure where to go with it.  Right now, I am concentrating on the Industrial Revolution, the Poor and Education of the day.