December 2nd, 2014

Outer Limits

It stings a bit, but I have to rethink how I am going to plan out my assignments. I have told my lecturer that there are some aspects of my personal life, is starting to seriously impact upon my academic life. Hubby has an exam and an outpatients oppointment, and the tension is thick in my house. Too much worry all round. Lecturer says that I can email the other two lecturers, to sort out other aspects of work and take next week off, so no college til next year. Woohoo. I can crack on with study at home.

Some of the dates re rough drafts have changed a bit and the Dickens/Gaskell title has been amended, so I can write predominantly about Hard Times and use North & South as a secondary text. So, some of the pressure is off. I expressed my concerns re not maintaining a first - mostly down to stamina. This is where wisdom trumps intellect - time out. I also need time to rethink how to write a better, more concise essay. More importantly, I look forward to diving into the depths of sleep which has defied me later.

That'll Be Christmas

I know I have posted this one before, but it reminds me of Christmas 2009 and being stuck in gridlocked traffic traffic just outside Epsom and the snow coming down so thickly, it looked like bubble bath.  We were visiting Hubby's family and this came on Capital FM.  Good times :-)
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Right now, I am researching how to write a better essay so that I can go beyond 70% per assignment - basically collating good advice from various institutions.  I am also compiling word banks, so I can vary my approach. I really want to 'get' what makes a good essay an excellent essay. I am planning deadlines as I have a lot to do before I just slope off for the hols.

Not for the first time, I am glad for a wipe board to sort things out - step by step, chunk by chunk.