November 22nd, 2014

Just Waiting For The Night To Fall

Hello Darkness, my old friend - seems I'm wide awake again. In fact, Morpheus, Sandman et al have not troubled me once this night. I lie awake plagued by uncertainty, just wanting things to clear so we can get on with life. Hubby can sleep through the most stressful of times, curled up like a cat - I however, stay awake. Churned up and restless, seeking solace in a SmartPhone in the dead of night.

Sleep, per chance to dream - although not quite in the way that Hamlet meant.

Bluebeard PowerPoint - Day 5

Right now, I am on the trail of pithy quotes, mostly from Wide Sargasso Sea, The Bloody Chamber and Oranges are Not the Only Fruit.   I have only today to do this in as I am out to dinner tomorrow and don't know when I will be back.  So other than LJ, I have shut down all other distractions - even Classic FM has been silenced.

Tired - had eventually 5 hours sleep.  So, a few difficulties functioning :-/

Have finished PP but I am a bit concerned that this is going to end up as 'Death by PowerPoint.' Over 20 slides, but the talk is 20 minutes, plus a lot of it are bullet points.  The whole point of this is to crystalise it as THE grand planner, not bore them rigid.  Part of me is a bit resentful - why should *I* go first in anycase?

*mumble, grumble, crumble*