November 18th, 2014

50 Day Meme Challenge 2014 - Day 7

7) What's your favourite memory with your best friend(s)?

I would say memories - one summer party in a friend's back garden, playing a side drum (drunk - so were they, either that or their drum-playing was abysmal); lying on the steps of her summerhouse and watching the stars, whilst other friends lay on the grass and got wet; sitting on the quay with two friends, all of us hysterically laughing (from lack of sleep) at everything and watching the sun rise together.

Ever Since Eve


I have been asked to deliver my PP (20% of my marks) this Monday coming.  I have been looking at cautionary tales and using the tale of Eve's Temptation in the Garden of Eden as an example.  I found this image, which is absolutely stunning.  Very Susan Seddon Boulet.

I have been doing this since about four o'clock and now my neck is aching and I have oxbow shoulders.  Good news is, I have been able to do probably 2/3rd of the PP but the rest will have to be done tomorrow, before I start to sharpen everything up.  Feel better even though I started late - think I will fare better when the rest of it is done and I have practiced it.