November 14th, 2014

50 Day Meme Challenge 2014 - Day 3

3) Night or Day?

I am not a night owl, I grew out of being a nightbird when my children were born. I usually keel over by ten o'clock at night, yet I am not a particularly early-riser.  Anything before seven o'clock in the morning is still the middle of the night for me. So, middle-of-the-day person - catch me midway between waking and sleeping, somewhere around 2 in the afternoon will do :-D

First Picture From The Space Duck

Oh Noes!!! What has happened to the Philae Lander? It has fallen short of its landing target by 1km and it's battery power is compromised, due to the fact that it is shaded by a high ridge.  It is trying to bore holes into the space duck and take samples to its onboard before everything fails. More details here

Here is the very first picture - Major Clanger is hoping everything is back in control or there will be no soup tonight!