November 5th, 2014

Fearing the Forest

Hmm - writing a fairytale isn't what it's cracked up to be.  When I wrote one two years ago, it was well received but as I am a) writing for a competition and b) my stuff is being looked at by beady-eyed lecturers, suddenly the inspiration has dried up. I almost feel that if I don't get this ethically right-on, I will be descended upon like a ton of bricks.  I should be beyond giving a crap about what people think, but my psyche clearly isn't.

Need to find the courage of my convictions and get back into the zone (and other well-worn neologisms)

Bonfire Night

I thought I would never say this, because it has been quite warm and stuffy recently, but it is c-c-c-cold-d-d-d. Went to Bonfire Night a bit too early - great display, but nowhere near a bonfire, so I froze to death on the Promenade. I think (dare I say it?) that I am getting too old and cold for this. It's not so bad when you have little ones, but when you think that both Prodigal 1 & 2 are 30 and 21 years old respectively this month, then it's fair to say that I fall out of the 'Mum-with-kids' bracket.