September 27th, 2014

Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Kubla Khan

My task this weekend is to create a PP on something you have found out about one/some of the Romantic poets that you didn't know before.  I know a little too much about Blake, as I did that extensively back in Access, so I am reading up on Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  Seems as if he was bang off his bonce on opium (although I will phrase it in a more academic way).  Wild and reckless, I know him best for his poem Kubla Khan, that starts off seemingly ok but seems to go a bit trippy and AWOL towards the end.

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Top 1,000

Well, it looks that I have breached the top 1,000 on LJ, ranking currently at 992.  When I last looked, I was in the 1,200s.  Woo hoo - I have jumped over 200 places, on a now fairly-obscure blogging platform. Saying that though, I haven't totally defected to newer, shinier blogs - I have more followers on Wordpress, but people actually comment on here. Whereas people click to say that they like your post on Wordpress, or that they are following you but don't bother much with writing anything (bar one - but she is a fellow LJer too).

Besides, I have some great bloggers here and actually it is nice to be somewhere other people are not.