September 22nd, 2014

First Day Back

Things didn't go to plan last night - I had spent the day with friends at Land's End and joined up with Hubby to see other friends at the end of the day.  I developed car trouble (my fault, running out of diesel) and didn't get home til nearly midnight.  Most of my stuff was together this morning, but have mislaid my pencil case, my spare change and most of my packed lunch.  Brain also not engaged today after an early start on top of a lousy nights sleep.

Think that I might need a sight test as I am screwing up my eyes to read the wipeboard from time to time.  Have moved to the other side of the classroom, which helps.  I had my first lesson of Integrative Literary Study, which means I will use a subject/angle of my choice, using a specific author/s of literary merit.  Would like to do dystopian novels, but I have to scrub using Brave New World or Nineteen Eighty Four, unless as part of a supporting argument as I have used them already.  Damn. I also had my first Integrative Applied Study, which I think is going to be a variation of Transactional Writing writ large.  I have to find a vocational placement within an area of my choice - possible publishing and/or website running.  I have a few ideas, but I think I am going to have to go on a few 'fishing trips' i.e. make some calls somehow.

Today was a first for anothert two subjects - The Romantics and The Victorians.  Parts of those two overlap, of course but some of this has to be a historical timeline, especially when you look at how poverty and the Industrial Revolution went hand in hand. Looking at the way I think the couse will pan out - it seems like I will have at least 6 projects on the hop, with evidence of planning and some reflective analysis all the way through.

Long, long day and both eyes and head hurts.  Early night, me thinks.