August 19th, 2014

Victor Nunes Art

These drawings are the artwork of Victor Nunes, a retired art director from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He incorporates food and household items into his artwork, using anything from popcorn to pencil shavings.  Described as quirky and as light-hearted, Nunes has definitely used incidental objects to his benefit and displays an incredibly vivid imagination. I just love the inventiveness of it all.

Under the cut, there are more examples of his cartoon artwork - I especially love the 'walnut' piece as the shape aptly portrays faces, wings and even chicken on a spit.

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Link ---------->

With thanks to the Facebook page Sun Gazing, who highlighted the artist yesterday morning - Link --------->
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No Telephone

Have not had a home telephone line in nearly 3 weeks.  Talk Talk say that it is BT Open Reach's fault. Wifi/internet is working, but land line problem ongoing. In this day and age, you would have though that at least one of the companies could find their ass with both hands...

It's good to talk  o_O