July 30th, 2014

Tree Art

Earthporm has come up with some more wonderful photos where the 'natural' world overcomes the 'unnatural' world. Trees will find a way to survive - I have seen plenty of photos of trees barely hanging on, but somehow making it through.  I love these photos below, because of the shape of the roots following the tessellating patterns of the pavement.

Stunning - mother nature at its best.


Collapse )

According to Earthporm's web site, "An extremely large tree doesn’t only hog concrete–it can also hog water. A big tree can consume 100 gallons of water out of the ground a day. To justify this excessive water intake, the same tree supplies enough oxygen to support up to 4 people."

Full webpage ----------------------------------> http://www.earthporm.com/10-tree-roots-winning-battle-concrete/

(If anyone could tell me how to post a link under a heading that would lead them to the page, I would be grateful - I try to insert the link, but there isn't the facility to post under a heading.  Thank you) 

Wordpress Take-off

I relaunched my Wordpress page earlier this month - suddenly, I have amassed some followers. I am not sure why I am so surprised - I have a fair few on here but it has taken years to get that many. Right now, it is snowballing - didn't realise that Wordpress was THAT popular.

You live and learn :-)