June 11th, 2014


This is a bit of a change for Kasabian - very odd, though I like it a LOT.  Kinda reminds me of Hot Chip's style - posted under cut.

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Bookfest - Kim Noble

all of me

Some women buy shoes and scent or clothes and holidays - I have forked out for even MORE books (I have just had a Dickens spending spree). I have bought a biography on C.S Lewis by the same publisher that did the Roald Dahl one that I liked.  I have got the story of Kim Noble, the artist who has a split personality and these personalities produce very different, very individual pieces of work. I came across this story whilst doing the Psychology modules at Access last academic year. Will write up about the book when it has been read (add to the other 10 or so 'must read' titles in my bookshelf).

Below is an interview with Kim and also a link to her website.  Terribly sad, many awful things happened to her, in many regards but also an amazing story of how art overcomes the mind.


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Plus, I have been able to bag a snazzy academic diary and a batch of henna from LUSH. Feel pampered :-D