May 27th, 2014

Redrafting - Day 8

Currently trying to understand my essay planner from yesterday. I am glad to say I am not the only one floundering with only days to go.  I am reliably informed that a second year (who so kindly helped me yesterday when it came to sorting out my essay) had to do this mid mini dissertation just recently and 5,000 words is a lot to turn round.  I also heard that one of my former Access class mates is trying to write about the evolutionary theory of sleep and asked if I wanted to swap.

LOL - funnily enough, I had the old A Level Psychology about from my Brave New World/Psychoanalytical theory a few days back. Smart ass here quoted chapter and verse.  I should drop the book over to him, but haven't got the time. Right now it's back to the drawing board with 6 days to go.

Oh and it would've been my father's 71st birthday today - happy birthday Dad xxx

This essay is a mess - not a disaster but carnage has been wrought. I am in an anarchistic mood today so Beastie Boys 'Sabotage' is under the cut

Collapse )

Goddamn it - I've written myself into a cul-de-sac AGAIN!! Hatehatehate this theory and this book. What is Theory? It's a bucket of suck!!!!

Some progress made. I think Rochester is a nightmare, an over-grown baby whose propensity for righteous denial is only matched by the fact that he can't keep it in his pants.  Bah! I'm off to read Wild Sargasso Sea.

EDIT::: Well, I have tidied up a bit, but I am 500 words over and the restructuring has only helped a bit.  I am hoping to look at this with fresher eyes tomorrow. The tension in this house is at record levels - Hubby was saying that even if we are there for each other and we know what the other is going through, it doesn't help that we are going through our own crap at the same time.  No rows, no sulking, just one stomps off to the garden and the other goes to the supermarket.

Not good - alas, unavoidable.

Also, a close friend called to say that my former family home had a kitchen fire earlier on this evening.  It is truly horrible watching the fire brigade going in and out of my mother's old house. Everyone is ok though, that's the main thing.