May 23rd, 2014

Redrafting - Day 4

Struggling through the last of the Psychoanalytical bit - basically finding parallels with Huxley and Oedipus (not as far-fetched as one would imagine - just read the Huxley biog).  I also need to figure the psychological motives of the reader. As one who knows she will return to this story because of its dystopian leanings, I would say that maybe it is about gaining control in an out-of-control environment.  I can identify with this and all of the archetypes that this could project.  Ooer Missus! Bit deep for a Friday afternoon :-)

Found the online Huxley biography - now I understand the final chapters of Brave New World. Suddenly feel quite chastened whilst reading Trev Huxley's demise.  The pressures of being in a highly-strung intellectual family

Online Biography -------->

I can't believe that less than a week ago, I was wrestling with the rough draft of TH3.  Once again, back to the drawing board and I have to shave off 72 words from somewhere.  Quite how I am going to do this, I do not know.  I can tell you that I have nailed the essay as best as a first year can.  If I can get rid of the surplus 70+, then I can move on to Marxist theory ( A-GAIN).

Seriously, I can't afford to let this essay run well into Sunday - I have to face down the Feminist Theory goth horror of Jane Eyre o_O


OK - part one is done and I am now beyond wanting to revisit it.  I have had a look at part two and from all the observations, the reccuring remonstration is  WHAT IS HUXLEY'S POINT? DOES IT SUPPORT THE TEXT? John Bell read my essay and he was VERY useful - makes me realise a) what a genius he is b) I might just have to take a crash-course in Marxist Theory.

Crapola - I am going to bed.