May 19th, 2014

Insomnia Again

I can't sleep - not because I am net surfing either. I have been staring at the inside of my eyelids for the past 3 hours and I am yet to find the arms of Morpheus. Part of this is that I have to see the dentist tomorrow (well, in 9 hours actually).

Listen to the Colour of your Dreams (The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows).

Redrafting - Day 1

Now I have finished all rough drafts, I am going back over the marked copies and am editing it to produce the final work.  Right now, I have revisited the Sense of Place essays (of which SP1 was only a tester - hence the posting of To The Shore the other day); basically1984 and A Passage to India (the former was about changing the tiniest of errors; the latter is just a little addition and a certain amount of restructuring).  I think the bulk of it is done, just rehash a bit - I think most of my concentration will be centered towards the |Transaction Writing/Creative Writing and the running commentaries.

I have also managed to write up my observation re my Post Colonial PP back in October and my vocational piece about Mary Bryant and James Boswell. Six essays to go before I tackle my Transactional/Creative Writing portfolio.  Getting this sorted faster than I expected. I think a couple might go over into a first, but will be very happy with some hitting the upper second :-)

I have just taken a look round my office - it is an absolute tip, but I daren't clear it.  In the confusion of it all, I don't want to throw something critical away :-/