April 27th, 2014

19th & 20th century: Wordsworth & T.S. Eliot - Day 1

I have been plodding away at this, but mostly just finishing the planning stage. As I am not writing two separate observations, I have to mesh - comparing and contrasting as I go along.  There are similarities, such as time of day, place etc. and contrasts to mood and it is this to-ing and frow-ing that I have to concentrate on.  Sometimes, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but I tend to just pay attention to what is in front of me for the next six weeks and attack it chunk by chunk. At least I have a plan and essentially following a grid.

There are some who just have a ballistic approach to essay writing and then wonder why they can't pull it off.  I suspect that is why some of the 'satellite' students are suddenly AWOL - either they are becoming frantic in their final weeks or have just freaked out, never to return. I actually do empathise; as I have said recently, even if you are a talented Lit student, you can still be engulfed by the sheer amount of work that is needed to be done.  There are days that I sit and my desk and I wonder ::: Am I bit too long in the tooth for all this? This is not just an intellectual path - I do actually want to be employed after this, in a job where my skill is crucial.  However, I have seen some fold in the face of adversity and I don't think about age.  I am 'seasoned', not ancient; I'm old school/hardcore and all of the other cliches, but hey - I'm still standing.

I aint done yet :-)

These poems have different meaning, but definitely have interesting parallels.  I am up to 719 words already, but have written them as separate pieces - all the while making notes as to the similarities and the juxtapositions.  It is fascinating on one level, but messy on another, if I don't watch out.  Don't want to make a dogs breakfast out of it circa IL2 (18th & 19th century - rescued it, though).

I am really pleased - I didn't start til late, but I am up to 920 already.  Almost half way !!! :-D