April 18th, 2014

A Passage to India - Day 5

I do feel better than at least 2/3rds of the work is done but I have a long trek ahead.  I am not resentful that I have to sit through the Easter holiday to do this - Hubby has to work and both Prodigal 1 & 2 are working in the holiday trade, this year at the same place.  It is just me and Classic FM for company, which is fine.  However, i do feel so very lethargic - I've been told to take the weekend off, but how can I with work stacked up? I would be less relaxed if I was vegetating on the settee with the assignment mountain growing in the office.

There is some cohesion at long last - as I am beginning to yank my pre-typed phrases to support my arguments, out of my Word Dump that exisists at the end of all my work (literally, I type something mid thought stream or something I have read and dump it at the end of the text, with view to use later on).

2,463 - I am done for now.  Had to take a break to organise delivery of Roux's bookshelf.  She gave me her Liquorice Allsorts tea caddy, which was nice.  I'll have to renew my passport now she's moving to Tenerife - a lovely excuse to visit.