March 30th, 2014

Graffiti Revisited


I have to write a speech on a subject I have studied - so I am revisiting Graffiti again.This is more of an inner city problem and far less common in the UK than, say America etc. I am digging through my old Access stuff (including my old PP on it) and this time, because I haven't got wonderful photos, I am going to rely on persuasive speech.  Basically, I want to get across the benefits of community arts projects and the idea of livening up dull concrete.

I am involved with festival banner making in one of our local towns.  I use bold colours and simple forms to convey passion and soul.  Last academic year, I made a Hamlet artifact using very bright colours. It wasn't exactly Matisse's Blue Period, but it was eye-catching and has pride of place on my bedroom wall.  I agree that some tags are not attractive, especially offensive ones - yet some of the most amazing artwork has been the traditional block/bubble font.  I have mentioned Banksy and we have our own local Bot Man, who tends to sticker-bomb, rather than spray can his work.

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Not sure how I am going to pull this off just yet. Right now, I have written 376 words with a further 424 - 624 words to find. Ah, the art of persuasive writing - PP's say so much more :-/

Have just found a page which shows public art - the Belfast Murals, that depict the history of the troubles for many generations.  Fascinating stories and possibly the biggest place of public/political art.

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607 words all told - a little slow, because I had to do additional research and and keep a running reference.  I also took a break and has Mother's day tea/cake with my sister.  it is shaping up nicely and I will do more tomorrow :-)