March 25th, 2014

A Matter of Space


It is my little art projects that keep me sane, I think - even if I just wind up writing something creative.  I would so like to produce an artifact like I had to for Hamlet last year, alas not on the syllabus.
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Sticking Point

Listening to yesterdays third years, have made me more than a little despondent.  I'm not a person who needs her hand held - in fact, I am a person very used to doing stuff off my own back and normally I am the one who is asked where/what/how/who.  Nor am I the type to get seriously knocked by others point of view (don't go up there, my 'ansom - there be dragons in Plymouth), but I am more than a little worried and need to chat with our principle lecturer.

OK - it might be a bit of a culture shock, but there is a big difference between being a bit inadequate from lack of preparation and totally floundering because information and dates have not been made available to you.  It is almost as if Unis ride on the fact that little college satellites have to keep up, as they have bestowed on them the right to do these courses. You owe us a favour by deigning to let you through the door.

Some also have found that their essay writing skills have had to change.  Many have relied on their innate ability to be able to write, then finding that it all becomes unraveled mid-dissertation. I must admit that I have fell foul to that mid Access and occasionally this year too - I tend to plan mine now.
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