March 24th, 2014

Third Year Transition Day

I have met up with the third years, who are doing their final year at Plymouth and I must admit to being a bit down in the dumps.  I know that there is a lot to cover in the second year at Truro and I think that it is all do-able, but the problem arises when people have to make that transition from personal and friendly satellite college to final year at uni.  The words 'impersonal,' 'isolating' and 'very, very confusing' have come up - from the most shy to the most gregarious of people.

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I have got my Jane Eyre/Feminist Theory back - score of 59% rough draft - something to be proud of, but I think I am going to have to read around the subject and keep signposting it back to the main topic.  According to my lecturer, it is a well-written argument, but I have to fill in the bits as to how that reflected back on society.  Goddamn it - I am back to my signposting-the-bloody-obvious problem, first experienced when writing the Wuthering Heights assignment last year! I know where I can claw some of this back, plus maybe if I read Ibsen's A Doll's House I might have something to compare and contrast.  I am in the right arena but right now, it has gone back into the assignment box for future redraft.