February 27th, 2014

Endless Possibilities

TH2: I noticed something with Jane Eyre - a load of folk tales/parables etc. Archetypes.  I can at least see Cinderella, Oedipus, The Little Match Girl, Little Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard etc., even biblical - her own personal 'wilderness' after leaving Thornfield (no spoilers, but see chapter 28). This could have Psychoanalytical Theory written all over it !! Squeeeeeeek !!  I told my lecturer - who wants me to get out of that comfort zone and head straight back to Feminist Theory...

*mumble grumble crumble*

But...I can do Jane Eyre/Psychoanalytical Theory for my thesis next academic year. Oh wow - I think I could go miles with this.  Downside ::: I will have to absolutely drown myself in everything about Eyre/Bronte, not to mention REALLY get to grips with Psychoanalytical Theory. I also realise that some of the Gilbert and Gubar book covers the Archetypal Fairy Tale stuff. Anyway, I can use and cite some of the stuff from G&G PLUS reintroduce myself to Jung.

I gather that this will be what my summer break will be about :-)