February 25th, 2014

Jane Eyre/Feminist Theory - Day 1 (Restart)

This is a restart as I have just received advice from my lecturer.  I have to have a running commentary about the book, using extracts from key moments of the book, rather than use an extract and comment of that.  I am going to hone in on chapter 26 (no spoilers) and build my case around it.  The thing is, I have a hard time with this because I don't find it very believable e.g. the path to equality is people conveniently dying, a bagful of cash and a mansion being burnt to the ground (well, maybe a few spoilers here).

How is this this meant to be a feminist victory - unless this is the whole point?  That back in the 1800s, a woman had few rights and it is something as ridiculous as the most unlikely plot twists, that would point this out.  Thing is, whereas I am all for the 'sisterhood,' I feel more at home discussing Marxist Theory/Post-Colonial Theory.  However, I think I have thrashed out some of this via my trusty wipe board, under cut (look away if you don't want any spoilers)

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Last year, my bugbear was Wuthering Heights, written by her sister.  I struggled a bit with this, but I managed to crawl through and I even had a sneaking respect for Emily Bronte.  Hopefully, I will have that re her sister.

Getting the bare bones down, but will fill in the rest tomorrow evening and Friday.