February 24th, 2014

Literary Devices

Found this strange cartoon on the net - I especially love The Great Golden Hammer of Hyperbole, the Onomatopoeia Engine and the Personification Press.  I tried shrinking the cartoon as it is huge,  but I couldn't read it.

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Think I will lie down now...

Old Churches - Заброшенные храмы России.

My absolute favourite page on LJ is abandonedplaces and I just HAD to repost and show these photos. Kudos to the photographer, the pix are glorious :-)


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Sokolsky temples in Exaltation, and Zamoshye Olareve

There are three monumental churches in Vologda region, this time around the cities of Kadnikov and Falcon. Unfortunately, to find information on the history and architecture of the data center could not, therefore, a large part of the Visual. question will be three more monumental churches of the Vologda region, this time located near the towns of Falcon and Kadnikova. Unfortunately, find information on the history and architecture of data attractions failed, so much visual component of fasting.
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