February 23rd, 2014

The Mad Woman in the Attic

TH2 Day 1 and I am not looking forward to it. Choose a theory then choose a text (basically, it's Jane Eyre and Feminist Theory).  I am a bit scratchy on FT, even though I think I know the rudiments. The Rivkin and Ryan book is interesting but I haven't got the time to wade through it in depth. I have been given the link to Gilbert and Gubar's Mad Woman in the Attic, which I may have to skim through.  Not sure if it would be of interest to anybody, but the link is below; the most interesting part being the Bronte section P.297


More later - I have a LOT of reading to do :-/

I have made the decision NOT to do TH2 properly, until I have properly finished the other two assignments.  I think I would prefer to get them out of the way and attempt to do TH2 with a clear head.  Plus -I need to take some advice, I think i.e. am I forming my critique, with an extract, or observing the entire book?.  I may elect to do TW6 travel writing, as I have the bare bones of it, anyway.  We'll see - I don't like being behind and I admit that I can be a slow worker, but by the same token I think we've had too much work to deal with.