February 8th, 2014

Define Yourself


Identity - an interesting subject.  We are all defined by the cultural and environmental aspects of our society - particularly the place where we have spent the most time.  Obviously, I have specific tastes and character traits and my internal world tends to be governed by that - but also the outer world, what I experience in my environment impacts upon this too. The sensory reaction to art, science, politics, religion. My feelings and relationships that I have with people.

If I said about the influences on my life, other than family/friends etc., I would say the following: walking on the beach (sans gales); access to new and exciting music and relishing in older, more emotionally connecting music*; photography; making jewellery/glass objects on the rare occasions that I can; being able to write for the sheer joy of it; being lost in a fabulous book; travelling.

( *I had a dream about Dave Gahan last night - very strange (but pleasant, in a non-dodgy way) and VERY rare for me to dream of celebs, in any shape or form. Think it is my subconscious telling me I should listen to more music (not specifically Depeche Mode), or make music.  Maybe something more artistic as I have rather hit the doldrums recently. Gahan as muse - hahaha.)


How about you? how do you define yourself, do you think?
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    Dave Gahan - I Need You (Rock AM Ring 2003 - Live)
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It's official - there is now no longer a railway track into Cornwall. Line washed away at Dawlish two days ago, now a landslide at Crewkerne. High tide about midnight tonight - remains to be seen as to what will happen. Fingers crossed etc.that the weather system changes and the destruction reduced. Attention is on Looe, Mullion, Penzance. The Somerset levels are affected again, plus the Thames has burst its banks at Chertsey (Surrey) again.