February 3rd, 2014

Calm Between the Storms


This is St Ives, Cornwall (taken yesterday) - the town nearest to where I live. You wouldn't think that this is the place that has had at least four bouts of storm and tidal flooding over the past few days. There has been film footage of water lapping across the roads and into pubs, clubs, restaurants and shops. We are being continually battered by terrible weather, interspersed with blue skies and gorgeous sunshine.  I drove down yesterday to see the state of the town: indeed, there were mopping up operations in hand, clearing dead sandbags and trying to shore up (pardon the pun) business premises with planks etc.

Anyway, the rest of St Ives in February are at my flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/schnowbaby/sets/72157640433295883/

Flood Film Footage - St Ives 02/02/14

OK - this is how the storm affected the same town two hours after I drove through it.  Especially, 5:30 - where the tide is more or less in the shops.  The news that we have bigger waves to contend with, actually depresses me.  I think you get beyond having the 'Dunkirk Spirit' and get quite dispirited.  Think we have enough weather, thank you :-/