January 24th, 2014

Darkened Times

I have my Othello/Tabloid piece back and again, the rough draft is only 3% outside a first, so I am definitely getting better at writing my assignments.  The downside is, the essays took a long time to do before - now they are taking even longer.  This one took four days to  design and then the commentary of 1,000 words; the 1984 one took a staggering week to do - because I had to fit it in among other projects.  This weekend is about wring a child's story, so it looks like I will be story-boarding once more.

At the moment I am feeling a little down as it is the ninth anniversary of finding my father dead.  Difficult feelings - far more than my mother passing 5 weeks later.  Thankfully, I have got through the day without too much trouble. Just darkened times - not a licence to wallow, more of a time to be a little more gentle on myself.