February 7th, 2013

Wuthering Heights - Nailing the Beast

I am in the final throes of the final draft of Wuthering Heights. Just when you think you have despatched a monster essay to its grave, it leaps up again, just like in all horror movies.  I looked at the essay and realised that I had forgotten to add the horror of Cathy's ghost at the window (which I mentioned in the draft but not in the final - to me, that scene is more important than some of the other stuff I have written).  Damn you, Catherine Linton - it appears that I am not done with you yet.  I have read the book, faithfully listened to the audiobook and watched the film, therefore firmly embossed on my brainstem. It is due in tomorrow, gothic warts and all.

I do feel like I am chasing the completion of this bloody essay with the elusiveness of a lepidopterist, who has big holes in her butterfly net. LOL - the only tortured soul is me at the moment.  I DO know that there is a heavy Gothic theme in my FdA English, so if I don't mop up now - I will use it as grist to my mill in a year or so.  Not much help at present, but it does help that a thorough knowledge of Wuthering Heights will be useful to compare/contrast later on.

12 hours on and I feel like I have brain/word blindness - I have tried to write rewrite and rejig two paragraphs that were NOT working for me.  I think it comes to the stage that you see something for so long, that you are sick of reading it and there is a logical part of your brain that just closes down.

I'm done now, I can only learn by this and use WH as a grist to my mill later on.
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