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Photograph: Dominic Cummings (Reuters).

My sister (an NHS Occupational Therapist) has been in hospital twice; once for breathing problems, the next with heart problems (resting heart bpm 100, mildly active heart bpm 140).  She had no underlying health problems before this outbreak. She has the Long Tailed version of the Covid19 virus and thankfully appears to be making slow progress on at least two supressant medications.  My son (Prodigal 1), who is 14 years younger than his aunt, had to seek medical treatment and rested up at home, thankfully now recovered.  At one point, he ( a full-grown man, not one for sentiment) was crying on the phone, thinking he was dying or been left to die.  Later, in his words, he said that he'd "never been so ill [...] I was delirious for days".

Whether you are in sympathy with Cummings' plight or just jaw droppingly incredulous over his 'blind driving' tales <--- think that the UK have had their very own 'Trump/Bleach' moment here, what the general public have been shocked and angered about is the following:

  • The blatant disregard for the rules that he essentially made.

  • The assumption that the British public have been whipped up into a political frenzy by the press rather than being able to think for themselves and see this debacle for what it truly is.

  • The audacity of the man in his lack of apology and lack of resignation, sitting pretty while he throws a 'protective loophole' around himself.

  • The sheer affrontery of prominent MP like Matt Hancock having to protect this man either spontaneously or on the instructions of his boss.

The British public are experiencing the following:

  • the loss of loved ones:  the elderly, the children, the robust and the frail - in the hospitals, in care homes, in their own homes.  NHS staff, key workers, even those furloughed at home or have been shielded. Some have lost multiple people from one family.

  • grief made worse by not be able under government laws to be with their loved ones as their lives came to an end and tthen not be allowed at their funerals.

  • anxiety, fretting over loved ones who are still ill and/or been in contact with someone seriously ill and are about to go down with the same symptoms.

  • fury and extreme personal pain after they have lost their livelihoods, their marriages, or  being locked up with their abusers. Some plainly have lost their minds, with 7 weeks of lockdown and then 2 weeks of chaos as one political blunder after another was made.

People have obeyed the government guidelines to the letter.

This can best be summed up by Emily Maitlis on Newsnight last night.  Good, conscientious people feel like mugs, they feel that they have been belittled (not helped by their childish lexis of telling teachers to stop 'squabbling' and to  'wean' others off of being furloughed - the government's appraisal of the electorate).

The whole thing is now spectacularly unravelling.  Some have become even more cautious, but many, many people now feel that the lockdown doesn't apply to them any more.  They have flocked now in their 1000s to beaches and beauty spots.  Very little evidence of social distancing and now extensively free-ranging because Boris said they could and by extention, Dominic has shown that they always could.  I live in one such beach resort and there are tales of double-parked out-of-towners that have swamped the resorts here. In this county of Cornwall, we only have one large barely-coping hospital in the city of Truro.  There are a chain of smaller hospitals who do NOT have the same support as the bigger hospital.

I have had sleepless, weepy nights on top of numb and weary ones.  Last night I went to bed and bawled like a child.

For those who have been blinded, blamed, bullied, bereaved, belittled, bullshitted and  broken - I resound a massive FUCK YOU to this rancid, elitist government.

To quote Victoria Coren Mitchell 'wait, so this is the new rule "Follow your instincts"? Hold my beer.'
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