Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

World Building By Anais Nin

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I have not been writing for a fair while, as my attention has been fixed on home grown matters, which largely concern getting rid of a LOT of old stuff.  They have been confined to the bin/recycling/charity shops, or have been upcycled and/or just put in its appropriate place.  The thing is, all of us are unumployed, except hubby who has a staggering two days a week at a couple of clients' place.  This will all set to change in just under a fortnight, when I will be back on the campsite - first to be preparing the shop, then welcoming the first rush of holiday makers with open arms (half term & bored kids = hell on earth).

A year ago, I had started writing on AO3 re 'The Prisoner' fanfic.  I recommenced back in November, it seems, but then the wave of work from the Hen House swept me and then Christmas showed up etc.  I have found the work again and might just work on it between now and the fourteenth, tinkering en route.  I like fanfic, because it gives you thoughts for your own (unrelated) stuff.   Not smutfic, though - I don't judge people who do, but if it isn't canon (as No 6/Patrick McGoohan famously eschewed this arena), then i would feel justifiable awkward writing it.
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