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30 Questions - Day 18

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18. What Do You Think About Clowns?
The traditional 1970s Brit version of a clown - not a lot.  I grew up with both Charlie Cairoli and Chipperfield's Circus which used to be part of the kids entertainment sector on TV.  I hadn't ever been to a circus until I was in my early twenties and had taken my eldest son along.  Yet, I am attracted to fairground life and like the juggling, fire eating and trapeze artists.  I do like other stories of the clown energy - harlequins in the royal courts, the Heyoka or sacred fool in mythology - concepts that challenge established ideas of the norm, (which is, let's face it, a changing commodity in these difficult times).

But the collapsing car, the jelly down the underwear and the enforced pathos is neither scary or funny - it's sad.  A metaphor for life.
Tags: 30 questions 2019, clowns, heyoka

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