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30 Questions - Day 14

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14. Do You Recycle?
At every chance I can. We have been way behind other countries, but there has been an upsurge of recycling facilities in the past decade and this can only be a good thing.  I am especially getting fed up of plastic - our country is only just starting to grasp just how damaging it is to the environment.  Supermarkets are not coming into line with public feelings.  There is still way too much plastic wrapping and plastic bags on offer.  This makes me sound that I am millitant - I am not, but it appears that the government likes to punish the consumer, rather than the provider of the commodities - why are you fining Tesco/ASDA/Whoever for their perpetual use of plastic in packaging and bags etc?  Multiple use plastic is NOT the way to go - alternatives are already out there if the government got off its fat arse to deal with it. The paperless society is absolute bullshit - we have more paper crap through the post to deal with NOW then we ever have before.  We should be pulping more and consuming less and having more information in mainstream media as to how we can do this.  Ironically, it is relying on electronic commodities to enable us to do this, but hey - small steps.
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