Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
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30 Questions - Day 13

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13. When Things Break, Do You Prefer To Fix Them Or Replace Them?
I am not a fan of mass consumerism and I far, far prefer to fix them.  I came from a poor family and if we could patch things up or use things in a different way, then we would do it.  It makes a person far more resourceful and inventive, in a way that you couldn't be if you were affluent and therefore could/would always replace things once broken.  The Chinese art of patching things with gold truly does make a much-loved object even more cherished.  There is a place in Cornwall that takes old saris and upcycles them into pixie cut skirts and dressas.  I have one that is emerald green and edged with gold.  Absolutely stunning and for me, it is more cherished because it had a previous life as something else.

Cherished objects can have great stories behind them - you can't replace that.
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