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30 Questions - Day 9

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9. Would You Rather Be Able To Breathe Underwater Or Have The Agility Of A Cat?

Sometimes, when I am super-tired (like is the usual for the season that I work in the Hen House), I dream of being able to walk on the floor of the ocean and somehow I am in an air pocket or have gills in my wrists and ankles (weird, I know).  Sometimes, I dream that I am a pebble that is being gently pushed by the tide and am rolling freestyle up the beach.  Maybe it's the sense of the rolling or of being buoyed by the current.

Increasingly, as I get older, the idea of being as agile and as lithe as a cat sounds like a fabulous idea, though I think my naighbours would freak if they saw me jump on their fence and then scale a tree.  As long as I don't have the agility of the cats I have had - Dill was careful but not aerodynamic; Bingley is a klutz who would scoot up an evergreen one side then fall out the other side.

So - walking under water supping the H2O (<--- freshwater - the sea has too many elements to be definitive of its chemical formula) like it was just simply O, would be a good thing.
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