Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

30 Questions - Day 2

Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate

2. If You Had To Work But Didn’t Need The Money, What Would You Choose To Do?

When I was a kid, I was intrigued by puppets.  I particularly loved anything that SmallFilms (video above) made, particularly Bagpuss and The Clangers.  I also saw a live production with string puppets in the Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon in the mid seventies and was enthralled in a way that I haven't been since.  I do not find conventional theatre, opera or ballet particularly interesting, but street theatre, starring large moving animation (think The Giant Girl Marionette in London many years ago, or from my own archive, Cornwall's  own Man Engine ) evokes an emotion in me that conventional performing arts just simply doesn't.  I have a few hand and string puppets of my own and I think if I had my own modest private income that covered bills etc., I would learn puppetry properly and build an art studio which would concentrate on 3D/Stop Motion Animation and would work on my photographic and screen writing skills.  It is the reason I am drawn to Tim Burton's work, although most of his stuff is in collaboration with Henry SellickSellick (without Burton) worked on Neil Gaiman's Coraline, which is another favourite of mine.

Very much on a secondary level, I would progress further on the jewellery making and stained glass courses that I have been on and would make stuff of my own.
This, of course is Johnny Hollow and 'Fireflies', which was one of my favourite songs/videos from a couple of years back. Stunning.

Zion Sleep Syndrome Band wrote the following:

My analysis of this storyline is that this person has locked herself in isolation physically and emotionally away from humanity and civilization for so long that she has lost or purposely denied her own emotions and vulnerabilities, perhaps as a defense mechanism. As the story progresses, she is showing interest in feeling again, but isn't quite sure of herself. She initially hides her face and curls up away from the opening drawers that hold all the human emotions. The drawers that open and close are beyond her control, which seems to frighten her. At her breaking point and in her desperation she ventures out into the dark in search of light which she then pockets. She decides to light up all the 'Human Emotions and Characteristics Heads,' to feel everything at once and in her own way breaks free from her own emotional bondage in the end. Where she once keep her mindset on the critters on the floor and the night's darkness to further conceal herself, in the last scene, we see her facing the sunlit window in contrast. She is overcoming whatever possessed her to hide in the first place.

I think they are bang on the money and it was my interpretation, too. Not surprising therefore, that I identify with this video.

Zion Sleep Syndrome Band
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