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30 Questions

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I do this most years, but it is usually with 50 questions.  However, I have been too busy to take notice of the date that I should've started (12 Nov), so I am starting this one to last the month of December.  I wil answer one question a day and of course, you can play along if you so wish :-)

1. If You Had The World’s Attention For 30 Seconds, What Would You Say?

2. If You Had To Work But Didn’t Need The Money, What Would You Choose To Do?

3. What Is In Your Fridge Right Now?

4. If You Could Close One Fast Food Chain, Due To Disgusting Food, What Would You Pick?

5. If You Could Be A Member Of Any TV-Sitcom Family, Which Would It Be?

6. When Scrolling Through Social Media, Do You Prefer Posts From Celebrities Or From Your Best Friends?

7. Would You Rather Be Able To Copy And Paste In Real Life, Or Undo In Real Life?

8. Would You Rather Keep Your Current Sleep Schedule Or Hibernate For 3 Months And Have 9 Months Of 24/7 Alertness Without Being Tired?

9. Would You Rather Be Able To Breathe Underwater Or Have The Agility Of A Cat?

10. What Are The Qualities You Really Enjoy In A Friend?

11. In What Situation Or Place Would You Feel The Most Out Of Place In?

12. What’s A Common Thing That You Think About When You’re Alone?

13. When Things Break, Do You Prefer To Fix Them Or Replace Them?

14. Do You Recycle?

15. What’sT he Best On-Screen Bromance?

16. Describe Your Life Using One Word.

17. Who From Your Past Do You Really Wish You’d Stayed In Contact With?

18. What Do You Think About Clowns?

19. Spontaneity Or Stability?

20. Do You Ever Want To Just Walk Away From Technology?

21. What Is Something You Learned In The Last Week?

22. How Many Friends Do You Have On Facebook And How Many Actually Mean Something To You?

23. What Do You Miss Most About Being A Kid?

24. If You Were Given One Thousand Acres Of Land, What Would You Do With It?

25. What Was Your Favorite Fairy Tale Growing Up?

26. What Cartoon Do You Still Like To Watch?

27. Which Pet Made The Most Impact In Your Life?

28. What Mildly Annoying Curse Do You Wish You Could Curse People With?

29.  What Separates True Friends From Acquaintances?

30. Have You Ever Had A Dream So Vivid You Thought It Was Really True?

Bonus - If You Could Ask Your Pet 3 Questions, What Would They Be?
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