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Well, shitty weather has definitely taken Cornwall by literal storm - not quite in the same league as Yorkshire (poor Yorkshire - have you seen the news? Terrible).  Keep getting not so much rained on, more exfoliated by a ton of frozen grit  The Hen House is giving me an allergic reaction - aside from dust mites, the dust is blocking my eyes and nose, the latter now now prone to bleeds.  I spent 10 minutes in the ladies' loos and a further 15 minutes in the side canteen, so it didn't look as if I had been in a fist fight with someone.  It's like I am inhailing bloody fibreglass instead - with my runny nose and swollen eyes, I look like a seasoned smackhead.  Jeez, I would hate to be a real addict - right now, I can't handle my inadvertant paper habit.

I am babysitting a newbie, which is a pain (although she is lovely). This is because it puts a serious dent into my coping mechanisms.  The whole beauty of Sennheiser* headphones is that I can Blot Out My Whole Existence in the Hen House, but not if I have to guide people through a minefield of their own making.  I had thought if I remove my headphones, I might just start screaming - I went from 'Black Hole Sun' (Soundgarden) on my Spotify to Magic FM and 'My Everything' (Barry White).  However, t I played nicely and didn't scowl and helped the nice girl, who was very carefully trying to put pix into envelopes.  Actually, she is doing well, unlike my hamfisted attempts during my own disasterous first season there all those years ago,   Shit show doesn't cover it,  I am surprised that they had me back tbh.  However, I never lost them any orders - another newbie did recently and they are being watched like a hawk.

I have another 5 weeks of this, before this job disappears and I spend January trying to (fruitlessly) find a job that hasn't been nailed down by someone else.

*Old Sennheisers broke last week, managed to get a reduced price pair, however, they do rather clamp themselves to one's head a little too forcefully and I have smacked myself in the face a couple of times - which would have made the nosebleed problem a lot worse if this carried on.
Tags: hen house 2019, vids 2019

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