Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Fever Pitch

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We are approaching half way through our stint at the Hen House and there have been problems abound, starring glitches, hold ups, fuck ups and blow ups.  Because of this, connections with people have gone from friendly to cordial, then barely civil to approaching hostile.  I am keeping my head down, but am fighting a dust mite invasion that is being treated while we are away this weekend.  I have had emails from the teaching agencies, who somehow want me back and I am reconsidering it as. I am looking at my stint back at the holiday camp with less rose-tinted glasses, now.

Hubby lost his primary work and is back to the agency, Prodigal 2 has been jobless for several months now.  I am back to my status as primary wage earner and it doesn't sit too well that the boys are being picky, while I pick up the crummy jobs to keep us all going.

Awake, dear kith and kin and consume the caffeine - forsooth, the bills they don't pay themselves.
Tags: hen house 2019

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