Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Stormy Weather

It is a dark and stormy night outsidw, with more to follow. We've had to pull the bins in, lest they end up directing the traffic...again. I have been struggling with a heavy head cold over the past few days, but ultimately I am recovering from the end of the season and the finishing of my job. It is so nice to actually have a weekend to share with my husband. I have found a new tea and cakey place (us Brits are rather fond of that equation), which is always a good idea.

I have another nine days off before I rejoin the photograph lab for my third year on the trot. I had a call from their main office, asking whether I wanted to have work in their office bean counting. Hell, no. I prefer the Hen House to the Crocodile Pool.

I am hoping to get away for a short break to see family in London soon. Change is as good as a rest,they say :-)
Tags: autumn 2019, hen house 2019, storm, weather
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