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Time Off

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The day before yesterday, I left the holiday camp for this season.  It looks like I will be welcomed back as early as February next year.  This is not my ideal solution, but because we are in such a small place with a specific economy, it looks like I have limited options.  Right now, I am just happy to have employment of any sort, irregular as it is.  I am back in the Hen House again for the autumn/early winter, starting 7th October.  Again, far from ideal, but the bank account is miles healthier if i do, especially since Hubby has been laid off again and Prodigal 2 walked out of his job 3 weeks ago.

I was mildly encouraged to see the other member of staff were sad to see me go, specifically one of the receptionists and the chef and his kitchen porter protegee.  All hoped to see me next year, which includes the overbearing overseer, who has given me grief over the past few months.- I got the general impression that my immediate boss was really sad to see me go, probably because she is not sure if she will be back and for all of the tumultuous together, we really liked each other.  She felt almost like family and I don't get that feeling that often with people.

Spending time laying low, literally.  I have had a stinking head cold ever since I shut the shop on Monday.  Like a viral gift that keeps giving, that place.  Still, I have 12 days off (unpaid, but holiday pay will come in, so that will help).  Ample time to shake off this cold, stock up on vitamins and generally be match ready for the autumn stretch.
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