Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Moving On

As of today, I am on reduced hours, which is not great for my finances, but brilliant for my stress levels. I have been asked if I want to come back next year - my gut reaction is 'hell, no' but as I spend my life chasing up jobs and never quite getting there, I might just have to sup it up, buttercup.

My car is still off the road. My mechanic is getting a bit conflicted over this. It appears to have multiple failures and he is working in his own time to try to sort it out. Peugeot is only 12 years old, but sourcing parts hasn't been straight forward, plus trying to find out the extent of the fault that is in the chain reaction of events.

Poor Mike - I suspect this is getting on his nerves now. He is an ace mechanic and what he and his circle of wise men don't know about cars, isn't worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, I am ready to apply to the hen house for my season there. I am so done with the summer - September will be a welcome relief.
Tags: car, hen house blues, mike s

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