Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

One Month's Notice

I have given in my notice. I will be out of a job by the end of September in any case, but I have fast tracked it.

A few days ago, after my 'What is Worse?' entry, I had to stop pre teens stealing our only trolley, which they were using to trundle around the holiday complex roundabout. They were being egged on by their well to do grandparents, who were probably ten years my senior. I had purposely piled the industrial bread trays in the trolley, to discourage people from messing about with it. They thought the shop was shut and were therefore shocked to find me suddenly appearing and struggling to keep my rage in check. I said 'What the HELL do you think you are doing?? I can't allow this... Jesus, I have just neatly stacked this" asking them not to stop doing this,because of the danger etc.

Then a double decker bus came into the park, approaching the roundabout. The kids didn't come to any harm, but the adults watched me retrieve the trolley and didn't offer to help me refill the trolley - I didn't even get a' sorry' from the adults. Just heard them gently reprove the children, saying 'I told you that you shouldn't do it.'

I was astounded - they just let the kids unchecked. The thing that really got me really angry is that it WASN'T a disadvantaged family - they were a well-dressed middle class family. 'You just made the shop lady angry'said the grandfather. I slammed the shop door and locked it. Then had an outburst. Part of this was also brought on by my boss insisting that I only use two wipes to clean the warmer, not to mention other health and safety violations, but largely because even the most supposedly educated or socially well-placed can leave their brain at home when they go on holiday. I haven't been as angry as this for a long time. 

I am not cut out for retail. I can seemingly talk the talk and smile and nod, but find it so hard when I find out that probably 30% of the population are potatoes.

I just don't know what else to do in a economy-specific seaside resort.
Tags: arsehole boss, idiot holiday makers, job, work
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