Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

My Balloon Knot Boss

I am incensed as every time I use the phone at work, the overseer boss (who is looking at me through his cctv, wants to know why. I do not play games on my phone, or go on the net - I am literally texring/phoning my bosses in regards to deliveries,location of stock etc. I was criticised over that.

My job at the other site is usually far easier going, as there is less foot traffic. When I took on the job, I was told there was not much to be done, basically keep an eye on the shelves, take care of the money, do a perfunctory tidy up - then cash up, lock up, go home. My immediate boss said I could even have a look through the magazines if I wanted to. Uber boss scrutinising me through his AnusCam, sends my other boss (not the one who says I can read mags if I wanted) over to tell me off for reading between customers.

He is like that, she said. He's a nice guy, really, she said, but he likes people to be seen to be doing something. There is always something to be done, he says. Really. Just how much more tidying of stock/rearranging of shelves, dusting, sweeping etc can one person do when you've already done it - twice. You can't even be seen to be bored on cam.

I have one fucking day off a week and I was doing this as a favour to my immediate bosses (I was being paid, I was just bridging the gap so they didn't have to train anyone at this late stage). I am just counting down the days now. I have 17 days left of peak period, 5 of which will be the afternoon sessions at this other shop. Then my hours will be reduced until there is practically nothing left.

This overseer obviously has people above him that bend his ear, but this guy is positively tyrannical, a class A(rsehole). My job has been OK until peak and even then, the immediate bosses have been lovely. This guy makes a fraught but doable job more difficult than it needs to be.
Tags: arsehole boss, work
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