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I have a couple of scribbles down on AO3, but recently posted an imagined report re The Prisoner and it's aftermath. I got kudos today (always a yay), but an odd request from the kudos poster - 'OwO mind if I use this in a fanfiction I'm writing? I likey.'

I replied in the affirmative and hopefully they can do something with it.  It feels so weird, though.  I am fanficking a sixies cult TV series and a fellow fic writer wants to use my reimaginings in their work.  Essentially, fanficking a fanficker's fanfic (LOL - try saying that with your teeth in :-) ). Do I run the risk of having my offerings become a simulacra squared?

Still, such a weird feeling. Obviously, I can hardly complain as this is what I have done and in some way, I am quite pleased about this, but I have often wondered how authors feel when their brainchild is taken by someone else to an unauthorised dimension.  Jean Rhys' response to Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre was to write the Wide Sargasso Sea, which people not only hailed as some kind of notable prequel to Bronte's work, but also a feminist writing in its own right.  Obviously, there have been imaginative retellings in all sorts of genres - I am thinking specifically of the Gatiss/Moffat interpretation of Sherlock (which I thoroughly enjoyed).  When it comes to modern day fanfic whose origins start on places like AO3, the likes of E.L. James/Stephenie Meyer comes to mind.

Interesting, though - if it is a franchise where the original writer/s have long since gone, or indeed an old cult TV programme from way back, or even reworking of nursery rhymes or old fairy tales,  I am perfectly fine about writing it.  If it has been a bit more modern-day, then I spoof it, to be sure that the original writers know that it really isn't something that is an infringement in some way.  Not that I am worrying about the aspects of intellectual property, nor I am judgmental of fanfickers, or I wouldn't have bothered writing for AO3.  I just didn't expect to have the response I had via the kudos poster, nor did I expect my odd reaction to it.

The plus side is that I have taken a renewed interested in writing again - that is always a good thing :-)
Tags: ao3, fanfic, subrosa_write, the prisoner
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