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The Misery That Is Migraine

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Migraines are fairly common and three times as many women get it than men.  Those who do not suffer with it (and I mean suffer) think of it as just a nasty cluster headache. They clearly have no idea what it is like.  I have had them since in my teens and twenties, which largely lessened in my thirties to one or two a year.  Once in my forties, the migraines suddenly increased again, but recently it has gotten worse.

I had one back in October that lasted two days and I slept 11 hours on the second day.  It has mostly been quiet since, but last Monday, one started in the evening and then I had it for three days straight.  I had migraine without aura for two days, where I was light/sound sensitive, then the full lights, bells and whistles on the final day.  What hasn't helped is that the tablet that cures all Migraleve has been off the shelves since June last year and they have very vague about exactly why this is the case.  Word is that It's the anti nausea element - allegedly, Johnson & Johnson have had to change their supplier of Buclizine Hydrochloride. Therefore, they have had to do retrials, though none of this has been confirmed.  Ironic that it says on their site that there are over eight million people who suffer with migraine - that's eight million of us that (unless they have been to the GP for an alternative) haven't had these pink tabs for the past nine months.  The alternative is a tab called Imigran that is via the GP, which is £8.80 per script and not a lot for your money. With prescriptions soon going up to £9 a pop, all I want is my pink tab back.

With age, the post drome is worse, washed out and groggy for a couple of days after.  My father used to get them, but they stopped when he was in his forties, lucky bugger. The thing is, I suffer with Trigeminal Neuralgia and I think that the trips to the dentist and his sonic cleaning machine have been responsible for the recent attacks.  Something that I will have to have a word with him about.  I have managed to get a paracetamol/codeine supplement, but will have to get anti sickness tabs to work alongside if I am to get any relief at all.

Anyhoo - the sooner J & J get their finger out, the better.
Tags: migraine, trigeminal neuralgia

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