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On the Subject of Oranges

Things have been on the change for me. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was bemoaning the fact I was both job and car-less. Well, I have a new car, which is extremely blue.  Prodigal 2 and myself were trying to figure out a name for the car (previous peugeots have been named Miss Piggy and Sheppy respectively) I wanted a loose connection that it was undeniably blue, nay far bluer than I expected. Car has now been named Desmond, from the following conversation while out driving.

Prodigal 2: How about Mr Blue Sky?

Me: ....(thinks...likes ELO...but...?)  How about Lionel?

P2:...don't see the connection.

Me: Lionel Blue - dynamic, respected etc

P2: Oh I see where you are going with about Desmond? turn to not see the connection.

P2: Would you say this car is blue, as in blue-blue?

Me:  Yes.....

P2: The Archbishop of blue?

Me: Desmond Blue-Blue - are you kidding me?

P2: Respected leader, human rights activist....

Me: (warming to the idea, plus I like stupid puns) It would most certainly raise a few eyebrows when I say that I am going to take the Archbishop out for a spin....
Plus I have been successful in interview in a home for the physically disabled, awaiting DBS check and character references.  Thankfully, our finances have cheered up a bit, due to Hubby getting agency work and P2 having almost a full time job.

Back to today and recently, I have spent some time with my sister, who is on her hols for half term with my niece.  We were bouncing ideas off of each other (basically, I need to vent my frustrations both artistically AND intellectually, lest I become bored and destroy things like a cooped up boxer dog - "Rosie! What have you done? You BAD girl! You've destroyed the sofa! Again!").  We visited our local artists' hangout, Krowji - sister is an occupational therapist by trade, but is a keen intermediate ceramicist, so has been to many an exhibition of the artists in residence.  I met an artist named Lizzie, whom my sister had met in a silver jewellery making class.  Her small studio was amazing, crammed with interesting artefacts from her project - oranges.  Photos, magazine articles, sliced/diced and dried oranges hanging n garlands around her studio.  A watercolour with oranges in the state of undress, crafted ceramic objects created by spiral peel.  I was entranced - we got on to the subject of writing and she informed me that her husband ran a writer's group every other Saturday and would I like to join?

My God, Lizzie - I could write a thousand words just on your project alone....

Her husband emailed me a couple of days ago and I am to attend their get together this coming Saturday, the subject for writing is "Follow the Path." Lizzie is away, alas, but on hearing that I wanted to write about her project, is thrilled and would love to see the piece.

This is all I needed - my God I feel ALIVE!!


Tags: desmond blue-blue, oranges, subrosa_write
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