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Job Searching

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Really not selling myself to prospective employers at the moment.

As per my LJ profile - ‘Mature English post-graduate (University of Plymouth – newly-minted), with varying skill set that ranges from rounding up free-ranging children (teaching assistant) or being a brain-dead battery hen (factory worker) and recently morphing into Retail Assistant With A Rictus Grin. Cannot work for the usual vices like doughnuts, planks of chocolate or bottles of wine anymore, so cash is not only preferable but mandatory (unless you bake me a dairy-free, chocolate-absent cake – will barter). Life and soul of any company (downright lie – introvert with tendency to hide in pillow fort with cats and books) because hysteria-driven laughter is better than not laughing at all, right?’

(To be honest, this is not on my CV – more that I am a loyal and faithful dog that will wag your tail if you let her.  Paper-trained and will fetch on request.  Still not selling myself well.  Time for a rethink).

Currently frustrated by ‘Indeed’ job site. If you enter in your new details in the provided boxes, THEN upload your updated CV, it totally wipes out anything that you had written in the said boxes, even if you had supposedly saved the details.  Grrr.

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