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Writer's Block

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This 'block' has not been temporary; it has wedged itself in my consciousness for about three years, ever since I had a creative writing module in the first year of my degree, followed by a creative writing portfolio in the second year which required me to wax lyrical on the spot and have it up for public scrutiny (basically fellow classmates, whose critique was usually favourable).  I even had some success with stuff I had entered (though the link within the link has broken). Even so, I felt both strained and hemmed in by the process - in fact, when looking at the embedded links in this entry makes me feel cross and anxious.  I told myself that I would overcome this post degree, as I had more important things to do - like actually get the degree.  Fifteen month after graduation...nada, nothing.  I can't even be bothered to sit and read crap, let alone anything of note.

My intense verbal capacity hasn't diminished - not to the point of spewing scrabble tiles, but enough that I know that I haven't totally shut down the creative side of self.  Is it just apathy or, as quoted by my simply amazing lecturer "I think you are an intelligent woman.  I just think that you have got a bad case of 'Emporer's New Clothes.' You are afraid of it, so you think you cannot do it. You think that it is bigger than what it is..."? Alas, even though her pep talks and lead took me to getting my upper second, I have not been able to get the upper hand on writing ANYTHING since.  I am cuffed by cliches, silenced by sibilance, similes and stanzas, undone by understatement (not guilty of that in THIS sentence). Ruthless editing - Show, Not Tell.

Any tips are appreciated.  I would like to think that if I had the brains to get the bloody degree, then I could have the sense to reason my way out of the creative writing headlock. So far, no good :-/
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